Simple Business Website

What do customers look for on a simple business website

    When a customer goes online to visit a companies website they generally look at a number of different things, depending on the nature of the website and the type of business that a company has. Many websites are basic for small businesses and should just be used for some informational purposes such as hours of operation, contact information, and location of the business, as well as a description of the products or services offered. When presenting this information be sure to have a clean and clear website that has very basic information that is easily accessible to a customer looking to visit your website. This more than anything else is what they are looking for; information, and a fancy website with elaborate graphics and displays may lead to a website viewer being distracted from their intention for visiting the site.

    Secondly, site viewers are often looking for an outlet for posting a question and getting a response. Having an email address as an option is a good idea. Alternatively, a message forum where individuals can post questions or a link to a social media page is another good option for customers who are looking for some basic answers.

    Finally, a small business website should also contain data on the company’s products and a list of links to information about the Company’s products. Added to this there should be a mention of what makes this business better than its competition as well would also be a smart decision.